SoVD summer festival - entertainment - information - children's action

The almost traditional summer festival and 105th birthday of the social association SoVD will take place on Saturday, June 25th from 15pm to 19pm in, on and around the Nachbarschaftstreff Mittelfeld instead.

"We are very much looking forward to the fact that many citizens of the Döhren-Wülfel district and beyond will spend a few happy and relaxed hours at the SoVD Hannover-Süd," says Dirk Battke, the chairman of the active social association.

"Years ago, we used the motto 'Together instead of alone' to draw attention to our offers for members and guests. The different offers range from coffee gossip to lectures by the Ministry of the Interior, from visits and sightseeing to talks with politicians. Many politicians are members of our local association and so we hope that visitors to our summer festival will take the opportunity to talk to politicians," Battke continued.

The professionals of the SoVD women are at the grill and offer delicious bratwurst and ham sausage. Chilled drinks and homemade salads await connoisseurs. For young and old, Erika Babst prepares creative hours with the serviette technique. The Döhren accordionist Enno Raphael accompanies the afternoon and invites you to sing along.

SoVD Hannover-Süd Dirk Battke│ 1st Chairman