Panel discussion with the state parliament candidates of the electoral district 23

Ask the candidates in your constituency

More and more voters only decide shortly before election day who they will vote for. Shortly before the ballot, we want the citizens of the electoral district 23 (the electoral district includes the following districts: Bemerode, Bult, Döhren, Heideviertel, Kirchrode, Kleefeld, Mittelfeld, Seelhorst, parts of the southern part of the city, Waldhausen, Waldheim, Wülfel, Wülferode and the Zooviertel) give the opportunity to contact the constituency candidates of the SPD, CDU, Greens, FDP and LINKE parties directly. "Ask your politicians about the topics that interest you," says Dirk Battke, the 1st chairman of the inviting social association SoVD Hannover Süd.

SoVD Hannover-Süd is socially active

This public event will be moderated by the press officer of the SoVD Lower Saxony, Stefanie Jäkel.

In the invitation to this information event, we already asked the candidates a few questions. “From our events and offers for members and guests, we know exactly where the voters' shoe pinches. Especially in a deteriorating economy, social issues play an elementary role to which we in politics need to respond. Use the opportunity to put your questions to the candidates!” Battke continued.

Dirk Batke 1st Chairman SoVD Hannover-Süd