From Monday, April 26, 2021, the city will have a dog run area for the district Mittelfeld the end. On the 4.800 square meter area at the southern end of Giesener Straße, between allotment gardens and Hermesallee, the four-legged friends can also be let off the leash during the breeding and planting season (annually from April 1st to July 15th).

Dog exit sign in the state capital

The run-off area set up by the Environment and City Green Department and marked with signs is part of a green connection.

The designation of the area in Mittelfeld including the previous examination, was carried out at the suggestion of the district council of Döhren-Wülfel. The reason for this was that in the southern part of the district there had not yet been a possibility to run dogs.

With the new area, the city of Hanover now has a total of 25 dog exercise areas on a total area of ​​around 41 hectares as well as nine dog exercise paths with a total length of around 9,2 kilometers.

There is more information on dog ownership and all dog exercise options in the city area here.

Last updated: 23.04.2021