The association SchMitt e.V. - Schönes Mittelfeld has the premises of theTreffpunkt der Kulturen“ in Karlsruher Str. 2c at the end of March after many years of beautiful projects.

Sie finden SchMitt e.V. from April 2022 in the new office in Nachbarschaftstreff, At the Mittelfeld 104

Previous offers from the Treffpunkt der Kulturen, such as the language café, form help and aerobics, are Nachbarschaftstreff continued. About future offers in the Nachbarschaftstreff we will of course inform you here on the website! SchMitt e.V. looking forward to a fresh start Nachbarschaftstreff with interesting projects and ideas.

Office hours project management SchMitt e.V.
Monday 9 a.m. – 14:15 p.m
Tuesday 9am-14pm
Wednesday 13-17 p.m.
Friday: closedDaniela Ruck (Project management SchMitt e.V.)
Tel: 0511 8756439 WhatsApp: 016096609712
Office hours coordinator Nachbarschaftstreff
Monday 9 a.m. – 15 p.m
Tuesday: closed
Wednesday 13-18 p.m.
Thursday 9am-15pm
Friday: closedKaren Ziezalka (Coordinator Nachbarschaftstreff)
E-Mail: info @nachbarschaftstreff-mittelfeld. De
Tel: 0511 89992594

Feel free to drop by or contact us!