On Thursday, May 26, 2022, from 14:18 p.m. to 30:XNUMX p.m., a group of around XNUMX women with their children met in the Nachbarschaftstreff a. The aim of the event was for women to exchange ideas while eating together and to enjoy an afternoon to themselves while the children were on the playground Nachbarschaftstreffs could play together.

There was a buffet of sweet and savory food from 7 different nationalities. For a small financial contribution, those who had not brought anything with them could help themselves to the buffet. Many thanks to all cooks!

We are happy that so many women showed up. In this way the Nachbarschaftstreff as a meeting point for Mittelfeldhe* also made known to those who had never been there before. The participants would like to repeat the "International Buffet".

The day was organized by SchMitt e.V. - Schönes Mittelfeld together with the backpack mother and many other dedicated helpers - thank you very much! The idea came from SchMitt e.V. The "Kitchen Integrale" project, in which women can prepare and cook food together on site and exchange ideas.