compiled in German, Bosnian-Croatian, Serbian, Turkish, English and Arabic.
It is about saving electricity, heating, water saving and healthy living.

Saving energy at home - cheap, good and healthy living.
There are simple tips on twelve pages – downloadable in five languages.

Subsidy for energy-efficient refrigerators:
The City of Hanover supports low-income households.
Anyone who does a power-saving check (AWO) and has an old cooling device with high consumption can benefit from this.
The state capital subsidizes the exchange of refrigerators with 100 euros if the existing device is at least ten years old and the consumption is more than 200 kilowatt hours per year more than a new device.

Funny videos (from LIVING PLUS) made from sticks:
Using various videos, Margit explains how energy can be saved.


Tips for saving energy in everyday life - foreign languages:

Information on saving energy in simple language:

The leaflet / leaflet entitled "Saving energy pays off - information from the Ministry of the Environment" gives tips on how energy can be saved in the house and when driving and how expenses for this can be reduced.
The leaflets are available in German, Russian and Turkish and can be ordered free of charge from the website of the Baden-Württemberg Ministry for the Environment, Climate Protection and the Energy Sector.

enercity hardship fund helps people in Hanover
For exactly ten years, the enercity hardship fund has been supporting people who are in need through no fault of their own and cannot pay their energy bills.
The funds from this fund are awarded at the request of the municipal institutions (job center in the region and the social affairs department of the state capital). Single people and families who are demonstrably in a precarious financial situation through no fault of their own are thus financially supported so that the energy supply continues.
The federal government is considering temporarily banning gas and electricity cuts due to unpaid energy costs.
However, nothing has been decided so far (as of October 10, 2022).
In any case, caution should be exercised: the debt will not disappear as a result.
And such a regulation will expire again at some point.
In the worst case, tenants with high energy debts to their utility will later be blocked.
enercity hardship fund helps people in Hanover

Funding guide for energy efficiency
Here you will find exactly the funding program that suits you.
For all private individuals, companies, municipalities or non-profit organizations that want to become more energy efficient.

Energy Intense
Energy advice for companies and public institutions in which consumption mainly depends on the use of the building and the behavior of the employees, e.g. in office buildings, retirement and nursing homes, hospitals, daycare centers, libraries, event centers, depots and schools.

Central building blocks: multiplier training, motivation to change behavior, error analysis, technical optimization: