Gut zu wissen Kiste - What's this?

The "Gut zu wissen Kiste“ is from April to September with the cargo bike at various locations in the district Mittelfeld mobile on the go:
Lehrter Platz – Rübezahlplatz – Weidenkirche – Brunnentreff – and other places in Mittelfeld
The times will be announced shortly. ⌚

It offers information and contacts on various topics:

children / youth / family

Education & Work



Leisure & culture

Health & Sports

Help Support

❓Are you looking for support filling out forms or writing applications?

❓Are you looking for sports activities for yourself or your children?

❓Are you looking for a language course?

❓Do you want to volunteer?

❓You are missing an offer in the district Mittelfeld?

❓You want to come up with an idea yourself Mittelfeld realize?

Please feel free to contact us: